Nicknames and Dialga over Heatran

Hey. I replaced with my Heatran with a Dialga because I expected to see a lot of earthquake and all those ground moves in my tournament, so my Heatran would probably get knocked out quickly. A Dialga is also weak to ground, but less weak than Heatran. I also gave nicknames to the 3 Pokemon I caught myself. Here they are: Palka is now Galacta (Titan ruler of space in Greek mythology), Dialga is Kronos (Titan of time in Greek mythology–which yes, I am obsessed with that),  and Kyogre is Oceanus (Titan of water in you know what). If I caught the other Pokes my myself I would have named Gengar Morpheus (Greek god of sleep and dreams), Cresselia would be Hera (Greek goddess of peace and all that good stuff), and Scizor would be Hermes (messenger of the Greek gods).

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