Metagross, and Happy Birthday America

Hey! If anyone went to South Riding, VA to see fireworks on July 3, that shower of sparks and the grand finale were awesome, weren’t they? Happy Birthday America!

On to Pokemon. I chose Metagross over Cresselia because overall it seemed better and I prefer offensive teams. I will now give a brief summary of how the team works.

I start by sending out Dialga and Palkia, the rulers of time and space. Palkia is the most important of the 2. This is because it is faster and it can revenge kill whoever faints Dialga with the help of Kyogre. Kyogre and Palkia work very well together, since they both have water moves Kyogre’s Drizzle ability can power them both up. Combine that with Palkia’s lustrous orb, and you are in for a rough blast if you get hit by Palkia’s surf. I also have my new Metagross, who is extremely strong and may help out a little bit with stealth rock. Thanks to its ability clear body, Metagross can’t get his stats reduced.

Now for my 2 backups. Gengar and Scizor are extremely strong sweepers, so they will help each other out with their respective walls (Blissey for Gengar and Skarmory for Scizor). See ya!

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