Interviews with me & my mom

Mom: How did you become interested in competitive Pokemon?

Ben: After visiting a Web site called with a bunch of information on competitive Pokemon, it inspired me to start tournaments. I also played on a battle simulator called Shoddy Battle, so I’ve learned quite a bit, and that’s why I’ve taken top seed.

Mom: What is your ultimate goal with respect to competitive Pokemon?

Ben: To reach the top of the uber ladder on Shoddy Battle. I’m much better at uber battling than OU battling. Pokemon tournaments like this one are good because not only do I improve my uber battling, I also improve my OU battling and my understanding of synergy within my team. Ultimately, I wish to win the Pokemon World Championship and stay that way.

Mom: One last question. On a scale of 1 through 10, what would you rate your competitive Pokemon strength?

Ben: For tournaments like these, 8. For ubers, 9. For OU, 6.

Mom: Thanks a bunch!

Ben: Mind if I interview you, too?

Mom: Sure.

Ben: What is your favorite Pokemon?

Mom: I really like Gyarados, even though it’s very weak to electric moves. It starts out as a mere Magikarp whose only move is splash until level 15, but when it evolves it becomes much stronger, and it can learn many strong moves, including thunderbolt and dragon pulse.

Ben: How does it feel to be the ref and a battler at the same time?

Mom: It’s a little challenging, since I’m not very good at multitasking, but I think I can handle it. I’m very fair.

Ben: You can rehearse.

Mom: Good idea. That will make me less anxious about it.

Ben: See ya!

Mom: Bye!

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